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With the third season of The Witcher filming, there’s sure to be more Geralt looks for fans to enjoy in the new season. Much like throughout the games, where Geralt can be kept looking svelte and stylish with new hairstyles, beard styles, and armor. There’s a huge array of weapons, armor, and collectibles in the

With the third season of The Witcher filming, there’s sure to be more Geralt looks for fans to enjoy in the new season. Much like throughout the games, where Geralt can be kept looking svelte and stylish with new hairstyles, beard styles, and armor.

There’s a huge array of weapons, armor, and collectibles in the expansive RPG. Naturally, some of the weapons and armor sets come with particular stat increases and bonuses. Along with being useful, there are a few armor sets that just happen to make Geralt look really cool.

10 Griffin Set

The description for the Griffin set in The Witcher.

Findable earlier than any other set in the game, the Griffin school armor diagrams are hidden in Velen. It’s one of the upgradable sets, and stat boosts come with each new level. Along with the improved boosts, upgraded sets have additional details for each level.

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The Griffin set has a lot of leather and golden-hued metal in the Enhanced version and above. The shape of the chest piece gives Geralt a rounded protruding belly. It’s not the most glamorous set in the game, but it has a sturdy sensibility.

9 Toussaint Set

Geralt's coolest, rarest Witcher 3 armor: Toussaint Relic armor set.

This set is made of a metal chest plate, gauntlets, chausses, and grieves set over traditional-looking padding of leather. It has a very classic medieval European look to it and gives Geralt the air of a noble knight. The customization options allow for bright Toussaint style glitz or more standard steel coloring.

Found in the Blood and Wine expansion pack, it has two forms: magic and relic. Each form has differing stats with the relic option being the stronger of the two. It’s one of the coolest sets for Geralt that players can pair with a new look from the barbershop. 

8 Ofieri Set

Geralt wearing the Ofieri Set and standing in a lonely road in The Witcher.

This gear is a part of the Hearts of Stone expansion pack and can be found while pursuing the “From Ofier’s Distant Shores” quest. It’s a higher-level set, with some particularly strong sign boosts and not much else going for it. There are so many hidden details in Witcher 3, and special gear is the tip of a very big iceberg.

Even with the well-rendered graphics of the game, the silk in this set sometimes looks more like latex. Despite that, the brilliant blue paired with shimmering gold and intricate patterning down the front makes for one fancy witcher.

7 Kaer Morhen Set

This is the equipment seen on Geralt in many of the promotional materials for the game as it is the starting armor set. Because it’s the first set a player dons, its base stats are relatively low, but it can be used for crafting much stronger armor later in the game.

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Being the armor that best represents Geralt, the design is an iconic one. With a lot of leather straps and a close fit that supports his quick combat movements, the simple but functional armor does accentuate all the ways in which Geralt is an intimidating warrior.

6 Feline Set

Specs for the Feline Set in The Witcher.

At the Mastercrafted level, the cat school armor set is one of the best light armors in the game. That said, the grandmaster upgrade comes with an especially cool hood that makes Geralt look all the more brooding.

The midnight blue leather looks almost like velvet at times, and there’s a lot of nice detail work around the chest and arms that mimic a night sky. Coming from the highest-ranked Witcher school, it shouldn’t be a surprise the stealthy armor is so enticing.

5 Wolven Set

Every Witcher school ranked: Wolf.

The wolven armor set has many similarities to the Kaer Mohren gear, which makes perfect sense considering Geralt’s school. Where it does differ though is in the color scheme and some of the upgrades. The leather has rusty red and brown hues, coupled with some touches of earthy green.

It’s a solid set in terms of gameplay, having a good balance of stat boosts, and it fits Geralt well both in personality and physicality. All this makes it an obvious choice for equipment.

4 Ursine Set

Geralt wearing the Ursine Set in The Witcher

Of the school sets, the school of the bear gear is not only some of the best looking but also some of the strongest. The ankle-length skirts paired with Geralt’s broad shoulders make him look just like the solid wall of muscle that he is.

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It’s only logical that armor found on the frigid shores of the Skellige archipelago should be laden with thick quilting and furs, and cover as much as possible. The gear even has a strong collar to protect one from the chilly winds.

3 Skellige Set

Geralt and Roach wearing the Skellige Set in The Witcher.

Calling to mind something Kratos might sport in God of War, the Skellige armor is a Celtic-inspired DLC set. In the game, it is referred to as Undvik armor, and it has more pieces than many of the other gear sets, including horse tack and a jacket.

It’s the perfect representation of the cold, Ireland-inspired isles with fur pieces and Celtic knotting details on straps, plates, and tasses.

2 Tesham Mutna / Hen Gaidth Sets

Geralt's coolest, rarest Witcher 3 armor: Hen Gaidth armor set.

These two sets were inspired by the armor worn by Dracula in Francis Ford Coppola’s 1992 adaptation of the famous novel, but particularly the Hen Gaidth set in its terrifying crimson color. The pieces are tricky to acquire, only being available during one part of a quest in the Blood and Wine expansion. In a game full of great side quests, having Geralt seek out such a unique armor set is absolutely worth it.

Both sets are awesome with the muscle-like lines folded into the pieces, but the mask that calls to mind a skin-less face makes the sets deeply unsettling. Though they certainly make Geralt a scary sight, there is gear that suits him better.

1 Viper Set

Swords from this set are available in the primary Witcher 3 game, but for the full set, players will need the Hearts of Stone expansion. It’s well worth it to get the coolest-looking armor set in this installment.

Though this set is almost identical to the one Geralt starts the game in, the sleek all-black look and the snakeskin patterning elevate what was already a solid design into something excellent. This armor is evidence that simple touches can work magic when applied appropriately.

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