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July 29, 2019 - Comment

“I’m known as a get-‘er-done kinda girl. I don’t mess around when there’s a project to complete. I roll up my sleeves and get it done,” stated 2019 Western Days Grand Marshal Holly Eisenman, speculating, “This is how I’ve ended up on so many committees over the years.” Eisenman has been chosen to lead the

“I’m known as a get-‘er-done kinda girl. I don’t mess around when there’s a project to complete. I roll up my sleeves and get it done,” stated 2019 Western Days Grand Marshal Holly Eisenman, speculating, “This is how I’ve ended up on so many committees over the years.”

Eisenman has been chosen to lead the parade on Saturday, Aug. 10, during Chatfield’s annual celebration.

She listed some of the offices and positions she’s held, citing, “I served over 12 years as treasurer for the Kasson chamber of commerce, I chaired the Western Days parade for several years, and I was also the chair of the Western Days bull riding.”

Currently, Eisenman serves as vice president of the Chatfield Saddle Club and is co-chair of the Western Days horse show. She is also the co-chair of the Western Days Royalty Contest and does the posting for the Western Days Facebook page.

“I chair for the Southeastern Minnesota Saddle Club Association (SEMSCA) scholarship program, and I’m the SEMSCA delegate for the Chatfield Saddle Club,” she continued. “Working full-time, keeping up with my farm chores, raising two kids and volunteering keeps me pretty busy, but being selected as grand marshal is an honor. Carrying the American flag on a horse through the parade really makes you feel like an American cowboy. It’s a very patriotic experience.”

She’s pleased to be part of Chatfield’s community, sharing that it is where her family is. “I am married to Josh Eisenman, and we have two children. Celie is 7 and Cooper is 4 years old. They really enjoy the horses – they will be showing at the Western Days horse show this year. They also really enjoy the parade.”

She went on, “I am a mortgage banker at Bremer Bank. I’ve been with Bremer Bank/Eastwood Bank for 17 years. I really like helping people through the home-buying process. I really like the western atmosphere in Chatfield. At work, I’m wearing skirts, suits and stilettos, but off the clock, I’m all about boots, jeans and cowboy hats. When I moved back from college in Nebraska, I really felt like I fit in in Chatfield – I have the most awesome neighbors you could ask for.”

Eisenman is a longtime saddle club member. “I joined the Chatfield Saddle Club when I moved back from Nebraska in 2002. My neighbor, Ann Anderson, invited me to come along to a meeting. Since then, I’ve been president, vice president, a Southeast Minnesota Saddle Club (SEMSCA) delegate, and chaired many of the events we’ve put on. In 2017 and 2018, I was the high-point winner for the club, which means I attended or volunteered at the most rides, events and meetings. It’s important to me to stay active in the club. I try to do as much as I can to keep the club going so my kids can enjoy it in the future. The saddle club puts on monthly trail rides with a potluck after – we have some really great cooks in our club. We also have a fun show in June or July each year. It’s a family-friendly group of horse-loving people. We meet the first Tuesday of every month at city hall. Anyone with a horse is welcome to join. Check us out on Facebook for more information.”

She explained that she’s always had a place in her heart for horses. “Before my kids, my horses were my entire life. I was on the rodeo team at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, I’ve shown pleasure horses over the years, and I’ve raised a few colts. I have seven horses right now, and most of them, I’ve raised and trained myself. We mostly trail ride now. I have a few older horses that my kids can ride, so it’s something we can do as a family. My husband prefers his four-wheeler, but he does enjoy our annual Custer State Park trip to trail ride in the Black Hills. My children took up horse-showing this year, which is really fun for me to watch. My kids are showing my old horse, Cherokee, a horse that I showed in the 4-H training program over 20 years ago. I’d support my kids if they choose to play the flute or tap-dance, but I’m pretty excited to see them enjoy the horses.”

Free time finds her in equestrian endeavors. “I really enjoy camping with the horses. We have a fun group of friends that have kids that also like to ride,” Eisenman said. “Our kids can play together, and the adults get to hang out and relax.”

In her spare time, she likes to sew western scarves and make memory foam seat cushions for saddles. “I’ve made over 100 of them because they are perfect for those long trail rides,” she explained. “I also like to make lotions with essential oils. I like to try out different oil recipes and see how they turn out. Too bad I don’t enjoy cooking as much as I like making things from essential oils!”

The grand marshal introduced her parade ride, saying, “I plan to ride my bay roan quarter horse gelding, Rio, in the parade. He’s 17 years old and has been through the Western Days parade many times. He’s one of the good old boys. I can put my 4-year-old son in the buddy seat behind my saddle and plod down the trail with Rio, but he is also the fastest horse I own. I love to take him out and let him run! When you cue him to gallop, you’d better be ready because you’ll go end-over-end when this horse takes off if you’re not prepared. Something about riding a fast horse frees your spirit…it’s so exhilarating, it really makes you feel alive.”

Western Days is an annual treat that she can’t resist taking in. “I participate in several of the Western Days events. I’ve been co-chairing the Western Days horse show for several years, and I also co-chair the Western Days Royalty Contest,” she said. “I enjoy the horse pull on Friday night – it’s the one horse event that I can sit back and enjoy without having to work at it. I really enjoy socializing with everyone during Western Days.”

Eisenman invited Chatfield residents to come to a halt and get downtown for Western Days activities. “I hope everyone comes out to enjoy Western Days. If you can volunteer – even doing one thing – that helps keep events like Western Days going. I’d like to thank Steve Rowland and Pam Bluhm for taking on a lot of the responsibilities in putting this all together. It takes a lot of coordination, and they’ve been doing it for many years.”

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